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RESPONSE is a 3-year project (2003-2006) led by the Isle of Wight Centre for the Coastal Environment, UK, supported by the LIFE financial instrument of the European Union
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Resources on the accompanying CD-Rom


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This publication draws upon the experience of the RESPONSE Project team, gained over many years and specifically over the lifetime of this study. In addition to the work presented in the Training Pack and the accompanying Good Practice Guide, the Project has undertaken a great deal of investigation into coastal risk management and the likely impacts of climate change on natural hazards at the coast.

The CD-Rom presents a vast resource of information and background reports produced as part of the RESPONSE Project, including documents prepared by the Study Areas. The RESPONSE project methodology was developed and tested in five regional case Study Areas and each of these areas has prepared a comprehensive report which includes the full sequence of coastal evolution and risk maps for each Study Area.

Full contents list of the CD-Rom (available to download):

1) Summary Leaflet

2) Report - Full Methodology for the Development of Coastal Evolution and Risks Maps

3) Case Studies - The experiences of the five European Coastal Study Areas and their full sets of coastal evolution and risk maps

4) Report - A Call For Action: The Economic Impacts of Natural Hazards and Risks in Coastal Zones, Taking Account of the Consequences of Climate Change

5) Report - Practical Application of the RESPONSE Methodology: A Review of Legislation, Policy and Good Practice for Managing Natural Hazards (coastal erosion, instability and flooding) within Coastal Zones

6) Report - Evolving Coastlines: Coastal Processes and Climate Change Predictions in the Coastal Study Areas

7) Report - Evolving Coastlines: The Vulnerability and Adaptive Capacity of Coastal Settlements

Please note: all reports are available in English only.