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RESPONSE is a 3-year project (2003-2006) led by the Isle of Wight Centre for the Coastal Environment, UK, supported by the LIFE financial instrument of the European Union
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Download the Good Practice Guide -Reducing Future Coastal Risks


"Good Practice Guide": Advice on coastal risk reduction

For advice on how to manage and reduce coastal risks, see the publication 'Responding to the Risks from Climate Change in Coastal Zones: A Good Practice Guide'.

The Good Practice Guide provides advice and guidance on sustainable coastal risk management for local and regional authorities responsible for managing natural hazards at the coast. The publication describes the physical processes of coastal change and considers the influence of human settlements and coastal defence structures. It includes an account of the nature and scale of coastal risks and current frameworks for monitoring, assessing and managing of coastal risks. The guide highlights state-of-the-art examples of good practice in risk reduction from around Europe.

The Good Practice Guide considers the impacts of climate change and provides advice on integrating coastal risk mapping into the planning system, through the use of planning policy guidance. A further topic that is addressed is the issue of engaging the local community in risk management and promoting a co-ordinated response to coastal risks.

Click on the links below to download the 88-page Good Practice Guide

Good Practice Guide -Introduction
(pdf 3.0 MB)

(Executive Summary: Introduction)

  Good practice Guide -Chapters 1 & 2
(pdf 2.1 MB)

(Coastal evolution, behaviour and climate change; What are the nature and scale of coastal risks?)

  Good Practice Guide -Chapters 3 & 4
(pdf 2.3 MB)

(Legal and administrative frameworks for managing coastal risks: Assessing and monitoring coastal and climate change)

  Good Practice Guide -Chapter 5
(pdf 2.0 MB)

(Coastal Risks - informing planning policy)
  Good Practice Guide -Chapter 6
(pdf 3.6 MB)

(Coastal risk management in practice)

Good Practice Guice -Chapter 7
(pdf 2.4 MB)

(Engaging the community and co-ordinating the response to coastal risks)