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RESPONSE is a 3-year project (2003-2006) led by the Isle of Wight Centre for the Coastal Environment, UK, supported by the LIFE financial instrument of the European Union
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Case Studies: Languedoc-Rousillon Coast, France

Key natural hazards and issues in this study area: Present-day erosion and marine flooding along the sandy coast puts urban, tourism, industrial and agricultural assets at risk. Levels of risk are likely to increase with climate change, also implying longer stretches of coast will be affected. Coastal risk is lower along the rocky-cliffed coast of Pyrénées Orientales, but climate change may result in the loss of pocket beaches due to a lack of sediment supply.

Carnon, courtesy EIDMéditerranée

Location: The Languedoc Roussillon coastal study area is on the Mediterranean shoreline, stretching from the Rhone river delta westward to the Spanish border.

Mapping and investigation by: BRGM, Orleans, France:
C.VINCHON (BRGM/ARN) (following L.CLOSSET BRGM/ARN): Head of the French participation in the Project, Co-ordination, synthesis and reporting
D.IDIER, M.GARCIN(BRGM/ARN): Data collecting and GIS elaboration. Map realisation
Y.BALOUIN (BRGM/LRO): Regional expertise and validation

Key message:
Coastal risk in Languedoc Roussillon has to be managed through plans which integrate knowledge of climate change impacts with considerations of the cost/efficiency of asset protection, and be placed in the context of an understanding of the behaviour and transfers of sediments within sedimentary cells.

Coastal Evolution and Risks Maps

Map extracts can be downloaded below. If you would like a copy of the full maps please e-mail us at

Map 1a: Coastal geomorphology
Map extract (897KB)
Map 1b: Coastal processes
Map extract (900KB)
Map 2: Coastal defences
Map extract (907KB)
Map 3: Historical catastrophic events
Map extract (898KB)
Map 4: Coastal assets and Population
Map extract (1.17MB)
Map 5: Coastal behaviour systems
Map extract (941KB)
Map 6: Hazard change map
Map extract (1.02MB)
Map 7: Assets exposed to risk by a change in hazard
Map extract (1.50MB)

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