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RESPONSE is a 3-year project (2003-2006) led by the Isle of Wight Centre for the Coastal Environment, UK, supported by the LIFE financial instrument of the European Union
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RESPONSE Project Publications

The RESPONSE Project has published an information pack in English, French and Italian containing advice for managing risk in coastal areas of Europe, available to download; it contains:

Summary Leaflet

The publications described in this leaflet can assist organisations managing the coastline in assessing and prioritising the risks arising from climate change impacts on natural hazards, to inform the planning process.

click here to download the Summary Leaflet (pdf 1.22 MB)

"Training Pack": Coastal evolution and risk mapping

The Training Pack demonstrates how to produce maps that show the future pattern of coastal evolution and risks across a region (or sediment cell), which take account of the impacts of climate change. These maps can provide an understanding of the pattern and scale of coastal change and assist in targeting resources effectively. The Training Pack also contains evidence on the importance of taking cost-effective action now to prevent worsening impacts in a changing climate.

click here to download the Training Pack

"Good Practice Guide": Advice on coastal risk reduction

The Good Practice guide contains advice on sustainable coastal risk management and examples from around Europe and the world of how the growing impact of natural hazards on coastal communities can be addressed and reduced.

click here to download the Good Practice Guide

"CD-Rom of Resources": A toolkit for action

This CD-Rom contains full information on each stage of the mapping process (summarised in the Training Pack). It also contains Case Studies from the RESPONSE Project Study Areas in the UK, France and Italy, which provide practical experience of producing the risk maps in a range of environments. Plus additional features.

click here for more information about the CD-Rom

"DVD Film": An introduction to coastal risks in Europe and the RESPONSE Project resources

This 15 minute film introduces the viewer to the subject of coastal risks in a changing climate, and presents the potential of the RESPONSE Project publications for use in coastal zones around Europe. It is designed for both non-technical and specialist audiences, and was filmed in the UK, France and Italy.

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