Coastal Defence Operating Authority
Defra and Environment Agency High Level Targets
The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has overall responsibility for flood and coastal defence in England, with the Environment Agency providing a strategic overview role. However, delivery is the responsibility of a number of flood and coastal defence ‘Operating Authorities’. In the case of the Isle of Wight the Operating Authorities are the Isle of Wight Council and the Environment Agency, with powers to undertake coastal protection and flood defence schemes.

Shoreline Management Plan and Strategy studies
The Isle of Wight Council produces a number of plans to understand the future coastal erosion and coastal flood defence needs of the Isle of Wight's coastal communities and to seek sustainable solutions. The highest level plan is the Shoreline Management Plan (SMP). Below this are a number of Strategy studies for various stretches of coastline. For more information about the SMP please click here, or for the Strategy Studies and other local studies, please click here.

Landslide Monitoring and Landslide Management
Providing expertise and advice on the Ventnor Undercliff landslide Complex (the largest urban landslide complex in north-western Europe) and Cowes-Gurnard coastal slopes.

Cliff instability and risk reduction

The Isle of Wight Council manages and advises on significant lengths of coastal cliffs, which are vulnerable to cliff falls and talus slope failures, including undertaking engineering activities to reduce risk and responding to events and failures.

Dissemination of information and consultations
For shoreline management planning, coast protection schemes, cliff stability measures and landslide management activities.

Networks and Groups
The IWCCE is actively involved in networks including:

  • Southern Coastal Group
  • SCOPAC (Standing Conference on Problems associated with the Coastline)
  • Regional Flood and Coastal Committee
  • Solent Forum

Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)
The Centre is involved in the development and implementation of Integrated Coastal Zone Management at a national level through research and liaison with a variety of stakeholders, organisations and institutions.

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