Conservation Objectives

English Nature has a duty to advise other Relevant Authorities as to the conservation objectives for the European Marine Site under Regulation 33 (2)(a) of The Conservation (Natural Habitats &c.) Regulations 1994. Conservation objectives are the starting point from which the management scheme has developed as they provide the basis for determining what is likely to cause a significant effect.

In relation to the South Wight Maritime European Marine Site (SWMEMS), this advice was issued in May 2001 in the document ‘English Nature's advice given under the Regulation 33(2) of the Conservation (Natural Habitats &c.) Regulations 1994.' This is known as the Regulation 33 advice.

The conservation objectives for the SWMEMS are:

•  Subject to natural change, maintain the reefs in favourable condition, in particular: -Rocky shore communities;
-Kelp forest communities;
-Subtidal red algae communities;
-Subtidal faunal turf communities.
•  Subject to natural change, maintain the sea cave communities in favourable condition.

These should be considered in the context of additional information provided within the Regulation 33 advice, particularly:

  • the maps showing the extent of features and sub-features;
  • summary information on the interest of the feature;
  • the favourable condition table, providing information on how to recognise favourable condition for the interest feature and which will act as the basis for the development of a monitoring programme.