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Guidance for carrying out activities not requiring statutory consents

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The great majority of the activities carried out by visiting members of the public within or adjacent to SWMEMS do not require any statutory consent. However, increased use of the site for recreational, educational and research purposes could prove problematic in the future.

As such, the following questions and advice are intended as guidance for anyone who is intending to carry out activities either on a formal or informal basis within or adjacent to the SWMEMS.

The aim is to raise awareness of the nature conservation sensitivities of this unique site. It is not the intention to necessarily prevent activities from occurring, rather to ensure they are carried out in the most environmentally appropriate manner.

Questions to visitors:

Are you aware of the location of the European Marine Site and the reasons why it is of such importance?
If not, please refer to the ‘Features of Interest' pages of this Management Scheme which include a map of the site.

Is the activity you are carrying out within or adjacent to the SWMEMS?
If yes, please consider the following questions….

What sort of impacts could arise from the activity? Can you minimise the potential impacts? Do you need permission or a permit?
If you are unsure, please contact the SWMEMS Project Officer who will be able to provide helpful information or contacts.

What is the scale of the activity you are intending to carry out? Are you likely to repeat it?
If appropriate, consider how the scale and frequency might be minimised to reduce any possible impacts.

Does your activity involve access over the shore?
Please try and avoid damaging the rocky shore and the plants and animals that live there!

Do you intend to use the beach for educational purposes?
If so, take advantage of existing resources and planned activities in the area. Contact the SWMEMS Project Officer for details.

Are you planning to use the SWMEMS for research purposes?
If so, please link up with the SWMEMS Project Officer beforehand to obtain any guidelines for the site and make the results of your research available to the Project Officer following the completion of your research.

Do you intend to take any samples? Is this necessary and does it require approval?
If it is unnecessary then avoid taking any samples.
If you are unsure whether approval is needed, consult the SWMEMS Project officer.

Do you know whether others might be involved in similar activities which you might join up with to avoid duplication of effort?
The SWMEMS Project Officer may be able to help.

Does your activity involve the use of a boat?
If you intend to launch within the site, check availability. Please be responsible and use good practice in terms of refuse disposal and refuelling.

Are you planning to collect fossils?
Please contact the SWMEMS Project Officer to obtain a code of conduct for this activity.