SWMEMS Relevant Authorities
Natural England
Isle of Wight Council
Southern Water
Trinity House
Southern Sea Fisheries
QHM (Queens Harbour Master Portsmouth)
Environment Agency
Ventnor Haven

Local Links
Solent Forum
Isle of Wight AONB Unit (Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty)

Marine Conservation Society
The National Trust
The Wildlife Trusts Partnership
Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
Shark Trust
The Invertebrate Conservation Trust
The South East Marine Programme
The Isle of Wight Natural History and Archaeology Society
Hampshire and Wight Trust for Maritme Archaeology

UK Agencies & Projects
Joint Nature Conservation Committee
UK Marine SACs Project
Countryside Council for Wales
Department of the Environment (Northern Ireland)
Natural England
Scottish Natural Heritage
British Marine Aggregate Producers Federation

National Biodiversity Network
Natura 2000
World Conservation Monitoring Centre (Marine Programme)
Marine Life Information Network (MarLIN)
OSPAR Commission

UK European Marine Sites
English Nature's listing of Special Sites
Solway Firth European Marine Site
Severn Estuary European Marine Site
Loch nam Madadh European Marine Site Management Scheme
Humber Estuary Management Scheme
Essex Estuaries European Marine Site
Morecombe Bay European Marine Site
Plymouth Sound and Estuaries European Marine Site
Pembrokeshire Marine SAC

Useful Documents
Birds Directive
Habitats Directive
Habitat Regulations 1994
Strategic Guidance for the Solent
Isle of Wight Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Management Plan 2004-2009
Isle of Wight Unitary Development Plan 1996-2011
Planning Policy Guidance 25: Development and Flood Risk
An Economic Strategy for the South East of England
UK Biodiversity Action Plans
Isle of Wight Local Biodiversity Action Plan
Defra's High Level Targets
Local Development Scheme for the Island Plan
Solent Coastal Habitat Action Plan
Isle of Wight Tourism Development Plan
South East Plan
The Agenda 21 for the Isle of Wight
The Community Strategy for the Isle of Wight
Sandown Bay Regeneration Strategy - Bay Area Action Plan
Isle of Wight Local Transport Plan (2001-2006)
The Isle of Wight Council Corporate Plan (2002-2005)
Isle of Wight Council Annual Action Plan (2004-2005)
Birds Directive
Habitats Directive
Habitat Regulations 1994
Managing European Marine Sites legal responsibilities and requirements and requirements in the UK

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